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As a managed service provider, you don’t have a sexy job, msp marketing agency and you don’t sell a totally awesome product. You’re a nerd, and what you sell is incredibly boring and hard to explain to the average person – which means you can’t build a walk-in refrigerator stocked with beer and expect to win every presentation.Well, actually, maybe you can. Maybe you should try that.But even then, a signed agreement doesn’t center on one person entirely. You’re selling your solution to another business, and every business won’t be full of people who like beer. In other words, a signed agreement hinges on multiple people with different preferences, personal experiences, and opinions. And in other other words, you have to please the masses simultaneously in order to wield the power of a signed check. Knowing how to do that successfully makes you more powerful than Gandalf, Yoda, and Harry Potter combined.

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