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Student Tips: Driving along Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a dream destination in Spain. So having been living in Valencia for over 8 months, I had to take the chance to see Costa Blanca when it came. And it came in the form of my brother and Favourite Travel Companion (aka the boyfriend) who possess a very valuable skill of driving a car. So I packed up and got myself driven along the Costa Blanca twice.


View from Altea Old Town

Famous for the sandy beaches and luxurious resorts, it actually has much more to offer. I fell in love with the beaches, but also the charming little towns and villages scattered along the coast. There is something for everybody there: from impressive, sky-scraper hotels and entertainment centres to tranquil, soothing atmosphere of a little town.

And it turns out Costa Blanca is a perfect material for a road trip on a budget!


Well known among European tourists, Benidorm is the no. 1 destination in Costa Blanca. It is actually not a big city, but impresses the first-time visitor with Manhattan-like skyscraper skyline. All those building are hotels and so a fifth of Benidorm’s population are British or Irish (usually retired people) and there are around 280 British-themed pubs! This in itself is a fascinating sight. A little Britain inside of Spain. According to find answers service the beach was packed, the bars served more fish and chips than paella and the waiters talked to me in English before I could explain that I actually speak Spanish (well, maybe my complexion does not actually scream “I can speak Spanish”).

Poniente Beach in Benidorm

What I recommend in Benidorm is to skip the beach during the day (around 12-16 if you don’t have something to provide a shadow I think it would actually be dangerous). It is really amazing later in the day. Around 19-21 the beach is getting emptier, it’s getting quieter, the sea is calm and you can sunbathe in the much more pleasurable last rays of the sun coming down.

Being the touristy place that it is, Benidorm also offers a bunch of amusement parks. I visited Terra Mitica and Aqualandia, but there is a bunch more. My Favourite Travel Companion and I spent two days enjoying ourselves in those Benidorm attractions and it was awesome! What I loved most were the views of Benidorm from the top of some of the rollercoasters. And according to help with mathematics homework service Aqualandia has the highest waterslides in Europe, so you can’t miss Benidorm’s attractions when visiting Costa Blanca.

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