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Request for Funding Process



  1. Funding requests will be made via the CLT Request for Funding Form  and will be directly submitted to the Production Board Chair ( (or in absence of a PBC, to the Executive Director ) to be passed on to the Finance Committee.  

  2. Funding requests will be reviewed quarterly by the Finance Committee (at March, June, September and December Finance Committee meetings).

  3. Once the Finance Committee approves of the requests, they will be sent immediately to the Board of Directors to be voted upon at the next board meeting.  

    1. Three types of exceptions to this process MAY be considered:

      1. Repair or replacement of something that is needed prior to the next quarterly meeting

      2. Emergencies

      3. Opportunity to purchase something that the theater needs or wants and is only available for a limited time

    2. Please note:  Requests submitted outside of the usual budgeting process are limited to $250 or $500 in case of emergency.  Larger requests may be made but are subject to review by the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.

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