by Terrence McNally

Director: Eileen Messina

Assistant Director: Mark Hazard

Producer: Ken Mansur

Stage Manager: Sophie Messina

Performance Dates



January 19, 20, 21 & 22

January 26, 27, 28 & 29



John Blanchette: James Wicker

Brian Pfohl: Peter Austin

Jennifer Groover: Virginia Noyes

Jamie Bannister: Julia Budder

Roger Philippon: Ira Drew

Sarah Duncan: Gus Head

Benjamin Simpson: Frankie Finger




It’s opening night of Peter Austin’s new play and the show takes place in the Opening Night after-party at first time producer Julia Budder’s fantastic Manhattan townhouse as famous guests come and go and the cast and team anxiously await the first reviews. With his career on the line, the playwright Peter hides in the bedroom with his best friend a television star, his novice producer, his doped-up diva, his genius British director, a lethal drama critic, and a fresh-off-the-bus coat check attendant. It’s alternately raucous, ridiculous —and proves that sometimes the biggest laughs happen offstage. The play is meant to be extremely current as well as self-referential about current Broadway shows and performers.


Set Overseer: Glenn Thibault, Gerry Therrien

Set Construction: Kyle Breton, Alex Valentin,

Phil Vampatella, Dustin Spencer

Set Decor: Josie French

Properties / Props Running Crew: Debby Mansur

Costumes: Susan Fortier

Lighting Design & Operation: Matthew Conklin

Sound Design & Operation: Joshua Conklin

Publicity: Celeste Philippon

We look forward to seeing you at the show!