Thank you, Chloe Teboe and News Center Maine!

CLT appreciates your interviews with members of our Board of Directors and some members of the Cast of the upcoming LET IT BE!.




CLT has a long standing tradition of open board meetings. The next board meeting is Monday, January 31st, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. using Zoom.  Please e-mail our Vice President for the entry code.



Thank you, for your coverage of CLT's participation in Maine's Bicentennial Parade, August 21, 2021! We were so happy to be represented!



We are so looking forward to having our community back in our building. As the safety of our guests, performers and crew are of utmost concern always, here is Brandon Chaloux, the Vice President of CLT, spraying the seats with a disinfectant. It is safe, odorless and leaves the seats free of viruses that could otherwise make people sick. The machine he is using charges each spray particle with static electricity so that they stick to the seats instead of blowing around like with traditional sprayers.

Thank you, Brandon, for carrying out this part of CLT's Safety Protocols.

Bicentennial parade Aiug 21_14.jpg
Bicentennial Parade Aug 21 _9.jpg