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Unsung Heroes - Kat, Box Office

What are some of the responsibilities of the Box Office Manager?

The biggest responsibility of the Box Office is ticket sales - either for each show individually or by the season. Before each performance, I also make sure the tickets and the playbills are printed.

How did you initially get involved with CLT?

My niece was involved with their production of Once on this Island. She had so much fun that she convinced my son to participate in the upcoming summer youth production of Seussical Jr. He continued doing the summer program, and with each show I would help out more and more. Some shows I did costumes, props, producing, headshots, posters, and playbills. Eventually, I started helping in the office.

What's your life like outside of the theatre?

Busy! In addition to CLT, I work at the Lewiston Middle School and Wal-Mart.

Do you attend many of CLT's productions? What have been a few of your favorites?

Very rarely do I miss a show. A couple of my favorites would have to be Jekyll & Hyde and The Addams Family.

What are some of the biggest challenges associated with your work at the theatre?

I would have to say the biggest challenges for me are when technology fails, either one of the printers stops working, or the network is down.

Ever thought about acting onstage?

YES ;)

Any productions coming up at the theatre that you're excited about?

I always look forward to watching the kids in the summer program. Shrek should be entertaining as well!

How has being a part of the CLT community affected your life?

I have met many interesting people and made some good friends here!

Do you have any fun stories about the theatre that you'd like to share?

I have set the alarm off because the director didn't know I was in the office and armed it! So now I make sure to leave before the director, or I make sure they know I'm still there!

Why do you think that theatre is an asset in our communities?

I believe that theatre gives people an escape from the "real" world - either by watching from the audience or performing onstage. I have seen people come out of their shell while onstage. It is quite enjoyable to watch someone act completely opposite of how you know them.

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