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Meet the Cast of "12 Angry Men"

Photo Courtesy Sun Journal


Directed by Jackie McDonald

June 8 - 17, 2018

Script by Reginald Rose

12 Angry Men, written my Reginald Rose, premiered onstage in 2004, 50 years after the teleplay first aired on CBS. Adapted for the silver screen in 1957, winning critical acclaim and three Academy Award nominations, 12 Angry Men did not become a classic until it was aired on broadcast television. Winner of the 2004 Drama Desk Award for Best Revival of a Play, and 2005 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play.

The Jurors are entering the Jury Room to deliberate the fate of a young man who could face the death penalty. While eleven of the Jurors are convinced of the accused guilt, Juror Number 8 has some reservations, and he believes, reasonable doubt. Rose’s examination of the jury system, the pressure of the need for a unanimous vote, and the different levels of commitment of each of the jurors to their task, gives us a glimpse of stain the 12 men face in coming to their final vote. As the jurors deliberate, argue, and investigate the evidence, they are forced to investigate the reasons behind their rush to judgement, and the prejudice that they each have brought with them to the table.

Foreman - Chris L'Hommedieu Juror 2 - Paul Menezes Juror 3 - Cory King Juror 4 - Bill Myers Juror 5 - Dan Burgess Juror 6 - Sean Wallace Juror 7 - Jason Pelletier Juror 8 - John Blanchette Juror 9 - Phil Vampatella Juror 10 - Dan Kane Juror 11 - Donald Libby Juror 12 - David Moyse Guard - Jim Mckinley

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