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Randall Supports New Catwalk

Barbara Randall was a long time participant and supporter of CLT. She was often seen in small but pivotal roles; her manner and demeanor always carried authority - the weight of many years of teaching in the classroom (Her husband was the Auburn Superintendent of Schools for many years as well).

When Barbara recently passed, she bequeathed a percentage of her estate to CLT. The CLT Board of Directors has decided to use this money to design and install a lighting catwalk. The catwalk will make hanging and removing lights, refocusing, and repairing the lights much easier and safer. If you've ever been to CLT you know the ceilings upon which the lights hang is very, very high. The catwalk will enable those people who have wanted to do lighting but weren't comfortable with ladders to now get up close and personal with lighting instruments and to thus expand our pool of qualified lighting technicians.

It seems only right that, even in her passing, Barbara is helping us to educate a new generation of theater savvy people! Pleasing join us in thanking Barbara and her family for the continued support and dedication to CLT!

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