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UNSUNG HEROES - John B. Nutting - Member of the Board of Directors at CLT

You were recently inducted onto the board this past September. What have been some of the things you’ve been able to accomplish since then?

My goal has been to see how I could be of service to CLT. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those wonderfully talented people who like to build sets or work backstage. I am therefore trying to make our website at a current and resourceful site to visit. I would like to make it a place not only to buy tickets but to learn more about us – our present, past and future. I believe that we’re on our way towards that. I have just recently become one of the editors of CLT’s Facebook page which I’m very excited about.

How long have you been involved with CLT?

I have been going to CLT shows since 1973 but I would say that I became “involved” once I moved to Lewiston in 2006.

You’ve been performing on stage quite a bit in the past few years, any favorite roles or shows?

Actually, compared to many of my friends, I haven’t been in that many shows. I have only been in ten during my entire adult life but they have all been dream roles for me. Captain Hook and Edna Turnblad were the characters I had most wanted to be, so I am a lucky man.

What’s your life like outside of CLT?

Now that I am retired after 37 years of teaching elementary music, the simple joy of being free every day to do whatever I want (within my small budget) is overwhelming.

You’re known to be an avid theater goer, what have been some of your favorite experiences?

There are so many. Seeing Hugh Jackman in THE BOY FROM OZ and Audra McDonald in PORGY AND BESS provided me with the two most outstanding performances that I have ever seen. My favorite musical of all time is LES MISERABLES.

What do you feel are some important things CLT should start doing in the next few years?

We MUST become more visible to the community at large. We need to broaden our base of supporters and to do that, people need to know about us.

If you had the ability to perform with any Broadway actor or actress, who would it be?

Kristin Chenoweth. I think she is a comedic genius and I fantasize that we’d have a good chuckle together.

How has CLT affected your life?

This won’t be a surprise to many but I am involved in theater for the social fun of it all. I look forward to a cast party as much as I do the play. I have made (and partied with) so many cherished friends because of CLT and I am so grateful.

Why do you think community theater is an asset to our communities?

Theater itself is an examination and a reflection of life. It can be hilarious or heartbreaking or educational or thought provoking or simply (and perhaps most importantly) entertaining. Community theater provides a live, shared experience like no other and it is different every time you go. CLT is an important part of the social health of our community.