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Unsung Heroes - Jordan, Board of Directors

Jordan Payne-Hay: Secretary, CLT Board of Directors

So, you're on the CLT Board of Directors - tell me about your role there. What does the Board of Directors do?

I was elected as the youngest member of the board of directors last year. It was such an honor to be asked! My role right now is to learn as much about the theater and its history as possible, to provide support in marketing, and outreach to the community. The board is composed of individuals who all love the theater immensely and want to see it thrive even more than it has in the past. Our role is to know about and provide input into all of the things that make CLT stay afloat - shows and show choices, building committee projects and renovations, finance and budget, the list goes on and on!

Where are you when you aren't at the theater?

I’m probably at work (Skelton, Taintor & Abbott), skiing at Sugarloaf, eating a bagel at Forage, or hanging out with my awesome husband.

How is your profession as an attorney similar or different from your role at CLT?

I do a lot of litigation work at Skelton, Taintor & Abbott (ST&A), and you have to be good on your feet when talking in front of people. In that way, I think being an attorney and being an actor are actually pretty similar! You also have to have a lot of energy for both!

You made your CLT acting debut as Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. Do you have any fun anecdotes you'd like to share from the show?

I LOVED every minute of being in Beauty & the Beast (okay, aside from basically sweating through my costume every night). One thing that was a little “odd” for me was playing the mom of the show - I don’t have any children! However, pretty soon I am going to become a puppy mom, so hopefully I’ll be more primed to take on more maternal roles!

Which aspect of theater are you most passionate about? Why?

That’s a really tough one! I love that CLT brings people together and gives so many people joy. I am passionate about continuing that as a performer (selfishly, I suppose) as well as for our patrons and the kids that join our growing youth and teen programs.

What is your favorite theater production that you’ve seen? Why?

I can narrow it down to two: I saw Anything Goes on Broadway with Sutton Foster. It was surreal. She was magnificent and magnetic. I also saw the Bowdoin College “Curtain Callers’” production of Urinetown in 2013. It was the first Curtain Callers show I had seen since I graduated (I co-founded the musical theater club at Bowdoin in 2010). I cried basically the whole show.

If I were to come into the theater on any given day, where would I find you?

If I am not rehearsing in a show or at a Board meeting, probably perusing the costume rooms and trying on funny hats.

If you had to bring a musical soundtrack to a desert island, which would you pick?

Probably a cheesy answer, but Wicked. I could belt that soundtrack out all day every day (just ask my husband).

Why do you think that theater is important to have in our communities?

Theater transcends political beliefs, religions, jobs, whatever. It brings people together in a special space where the goal is to have fun and to entertain. We need more of that in our communities.

What's in store for CLT's future? What are you looking forward to this year?

I am really looking forward to Gypsy! I am so obsessed with that musical! As far as CLT as a whole, I am excited to get more members involved as CLT begins to “beautify” the building!